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06. December 2016

Launch & delivery of 5x TB216E

By the end of November 2016 SUNCAR HK AG delivered the first five autonomous TB216E electric excavators. A battery runtime of approximately 4 hours can be reached doing excavation work. The excavator can also be run directly form the power grid if plugged in during operation you can find more details here.


22. July 2016

First TB216E in operation

SUNCAR HK AG presents the first full electric TB216E with li-ion batteries. The dynamic electric propulsion allows high power efficiency and improvement in performance. The handling is kept simple and user-friendly. TB216E is equipped with a reliable hydraulic system and owns the same comfort as an original diesel excavator TB216 from Takeuchi.

Link to TB216E:
Information www.huppenkothen.com


11. April 2016

We are at bauma 2016

SUNCAR HK AG shows from 11. until 17. april 2016 at bauma the electric excavator TB1140E. Visit us at the booth from Takeuchi general importer W. Schäfer Gmbh and Huppenkothen GmbH. (Booth number: FN.1016/6)

Link to the event:
Information www.bauma.de

SUNCAR TB1140E bauma 2016

24. November 2015

European Solar Prize winner 2015

SUNCAR HK AG won with the electric excavator TB1140E the Europian Solar Prize 2015 in the category for transport systems. Worldwide first 16-tons-excavator with battery electric propulsion and power supply through an PV-system on the companies rooftop.

Link to the event:
Information www.eurosolar.de

SUNCAR at Europian Solar Prize 2015

20. October 2015

Swiss Solar Prize winner 2015

SUNCAR HK AG won with the electric excavator TB1140E the Swiss Solar Prize 2015 in the category for energy system. The SUNCAR electric excavator emits less noise, zero emissions and offer with higher maximum power in comparison the an original diesel excavator TB1140 from Takeuchi.

Link to the event:
Information www.solaragentur.ch
Dossier (PDF)

SUNCAR at Swiss Solar Prize 2015

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