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Excavators are the powerful workhorses of our modern building and construction industry. A construction site without these machines is unthinkable. But they pose a serious threat to our ecosystem and our health. The 16 ton machine we use as a basis for development uses up to 120 liters of diesel per day. During its whole lifecycle that adds up to over 120’000 liters. In addition to the exhaust fumes, noise emissions put am extra burden on the environment.

The electric motor on a SUNCAR excavator is only in operation when the driver is really working. Otherwise the motor stands still and does not waste precious energy.

TB1140 vs TB1140E

A diesel excavator uses a lot of fuel just warming up in the morning and during standby times. The results of a feasibility study that has been conducted during the last two years we have been able to confirm an improvement of the overall efficiency by a factor of 3. The results have also verified by a proof of concept build, which has been in service for over a year.

TB1140 comparison of efficiency

Economic feasibility

Energy costs *

  • Diesel 192 CHF/day
  • Solar power 42 CHF/day

Energy costs 10 year operation

  • Diesel 192,000 CHF
  • Solar power 48,000 CHF

Service Costs for the electric power train are much smaller compared to the diesel equivalent. * Assumption: 1.60 CHF/l and 0.20 CHF/kWh over the next 10 years.

Power consumption

Actual consumption per workday

  • Diesel 120 l (1,180 kWh)
  • Solar power 210 kWh

Consumption during lifetime (10 years)

  • Diesel 120,000 l (1,180,000 kWh)
  • Solar power 210,000 kWh


CO2-Emissionen pro Arbeitstag

  • Diesel 320 kg/day
  • Solar power 0 kg/day

CO2 emissions during lifetime

  • Diesel 320'000 kg
  • Solar power 0 kg

Emissions of the electric excavator in operation

  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Zero particle emissions (NOx, HC, CH2O)
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