Work and charge

The needed amount of operation time depends on the excavator size, the machinist and the usage. The average consumption changes heavily to the location of operation. Independently the machinist is able to save a lot of energy with reducing the motor speed to the essential amount.

To operate an excavator of this size for a day, a massive amount of energy has to be stored in the batteries.

The integrated lithium ion battery system provides power for a full working day. Using the integrated chargers it is possible to charge the machine over a short period of time. Thanks to the smart charging system, almost any available source can be used to charge. Form a single household socket to the full power of a standard 63A CEE power plug.

Average consumption
Standard profile 30 kWh/h
Digging 43 kWh/h
Driving 45 kWh/h
Idling 2,4 kWh/h
Charging time
CEE 63A 4,0 h
CEE 32A 8,0 h
CEE 16A 16,0 h
DC fast charge * 1,0 h

* Charging power of about 150 kW, product not available now, development ongoing.

Theoretical a fast charge of the battery in about 1 hour is possible if the power input is strong enough.

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